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About Eco Natual Zone

We’re an Irish establishment located in Naas Co. Kildare, specializing in the retail of an assortment of environmentally friendly products crafted from pure, natural components. We prioritize environmental conservation with a robust emphasis on utilizing sustainable practices. Every completed item, along with the ingredients and raw materials employed, is both biodegradable and certified to be benign to the ecosystem.

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Eco Friendly Natural Soap

Welcome to Eco Natural Zone, your destination for natural soap and organic bath soap crafted with care. Eco Natural Zone offers hypoallergenic soap bars designed for sensitive and allergic skin. Our gentle formula, devoid of additives, fragrances, parabens, and sulfates, effectively cleanses without irritation. With antibacterial and antifungal properties, it’s ideal for acne prevention. Embrace purity, cleanliness, and skin-friendly care with Ecosaops.

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Natural Soap For your Sensitive Skin

Discover the gentle touch of Ecosoap, a natural hypoallergenic soap crafted without fragrances or artificial dyes. Ideal for sensitive skin, it offers effective antibacterial protection while gently cleansing hands and body. Versatile and skin-friendly, it tackles tough stains on clothes, ensuring a clean and caring experience for all.

This soap has been used by generations to clean face, hair & body, and even washing. It is worth to know this product has many health benefits and above all, it does not cause sensitization. It can also be used for baby care and it is great for people who are prone to irritation. The soap is especially recommended to people who suffer from bacterial acne because it has an antibacterial effect. 

Ecosoaps Natural & Ecofriendly

Natural Ingredients

Ecosoaps Natural & Ecofriendly

No Toxic Chemicals

Ecosoaps Natural & Ecofriendly

Dermatologically Tested 

We Promise that we commit to sustainable and eco-friendly practices

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