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Mixture of herbs for parasites


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Apeiron Herbal Toothpaste

with 24 ayurvedic plant extracts


Apeiron Herbal Toothpaste

with 24 ayurvedic plant extracts



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We craft our products using sustainable practices, utilizing natural ingredients to promote environmentally conscious and responsible production.

Rejuvenate and Cleanse with Herbal Baths

Why Choose Herbal Baths for Parasites?

Herbal baths have been used for centuries to cleanse and rejuvenate the body. Our herbal bath blends harness the natural power of botanicals to help you detoxify and rid your body of unwanted parasites.

Natural Detoxification

Utilize the benefits of herbs like thyme, sage, and chamomile to support your body's natural cleansing processes.

Safe and Gentle

Avoid the harsh effects of chemicals with our all-natural bath blends.

Holistic Wellness

Enjoy the added benefits of relaxation and improved skin health while targeting parasites.

Our Top Herbal Bath Blends

Parasite Detox Bath Blend

Harness the natural power of wormwood, thyme, and elecampane root to cleanse and purify your body by targeting harmful parasites and supporting respiratory health. Enhance your detoxification process with the purifying properties of calamus rhizome, walnut leaf, and cumin fruit, promoting a healthier digestive system.

Relax & Detoxify Blend

Immerse yourself in the calming embrace of chamomile, mint, and sweet wort, which work together to soothe your mind and relax your body. Enhance your detoxification process with the gentle cleansing properties of calamus rhizome, promoting a holistic sense of well-being.

Rejuvenating Herbal Soak

Revitalize your body and spirit with a rejuvenating herbal soak featuring the invigorating properties of mint leaf, chamomile, thyme, and elecampane root. This blend not only refreshes your skin and supports respiratory health but also soothes your senses, leaving you feeling completely rejuvenated.

Embrace Gentle Care with Hypoallergenic Soap

Why Hypoallergenic Soap?

For those with sensitive skin, our hypoallergenic soaps provide a safe, gentle, and nourishing cleansing experience.

No Harsh Chemicals

Free from sulfates, parabens, and artificial fragrances to avoid irritation.

Perfect for Sensitive Skin

Ideal for people with allergies, eczema, or other skin sensitivities.

Balancing the skin’s natural oils

Acne-prone skin requires a delicate balance of natural oils to stay healthy.

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Quality You Can Trust

We source only the finest natural products.

Expert Knowledge

Leverage our extensive expertise in natural health and skin care.

Customer First

Your satisfaction is our priority, backed by excellent customer service.

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